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Owning a garage door doesn’t always mean the luxury of having an indestructible door that doesn’t need maintenance and repair.

This big piece of machinery relies on one of its smallest parts like the springs, cables, bolts and sensors.

It is frustrating when you use your garage door and find it stuck or moving too slow.

This could cause frustration and delay for you which are a waste of time.

When your door is having problems, make sure to contact your most trusted repair service.

The damage could be one of the smaller parts of the machinery, and despite being small; it can still be dangerous to repair. Don’t risk a hand or a finger; call a repair service.

When should I replace my garage door springs?

A garage door spring is made up of metal that is durable and thick enough to withstand the force needed to open and close the steel sheet door that could weigh a few hundred pounds.

Despite being durable, there is no such thing as indestructible, and this little piece attached to both ends of a sheet door could still need replacements.

Garage door springs replacement is only done when two things happen.

The first is when the spring completely breaks.

A broken spring could not be reattached or repaired, because it would still be useless under the weight of your sheet door.

The second is when the spring is worn out, and the repair service professional confirms that the spring will eventually break sooner rather than later.

A spring needs to be replaced just before it breaks in order for sudden accidents to be prevented.

How should I know what spring to buy?

Before buying a spring to replace your old one, you have to know that there are two kinds of spring.

You can ask your repair service technician to help you choose which spring to buy.

The first spring is a torsion spring.

This is the most common spring that is used by those who use heavy-duty doors.

Among the two, this spring is more durable, but it is also more expensive.

The second spring is the expansion spring.

This spring is relatively cheaper, and is fit for lightweight sheet doors that are not used too often.

When a torsion spring is damaged, it doesn’t recoil unlike the expansion spring that would release the stored tension that could have enough for that could cause a severe blow to the one at the end of the spring.

When choosing which spring to use, always consider a few things; the durability, affordability, practicability and quality of the spring itself.

Don’t change your own garage door springs, call a professional

Garage door springs replacement is a dangerous task for someone who has no prior knowledge.

Therefore, you must contact your repair service immediately if you observe that the door’s mechanical problems might be caused by a faulty spring.

There have been cases especially with garage doors that use expansion springs that those attempting to repair them are struck by the recoiling spring and severely injured.

Though you might be tempted to test your luck and check guides or search the internet about garage door springs replacement, it is still better for you to consult a professional for these kinds of damages to your doors.

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Garage door springs replacement is one of the dangerous tasks that a garage door repairer does.

Nevertheless, our technicians are experts that have years of experience and are equipped with the latest tools to replace your springs safely and effectively.

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