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Garage doors may seem like they are easy to understand, however, an automatic garage door has parts that require professional experience as well as expertise to operate and fix.

Therefore, owning a garage door means you have to have a presence of mind when you check for possible problems before calling for professional help.

Your safety will be at risk if you fail to check simple garage door parts once in a while like cables, springs, sensors or tracks.

Don’t just ignore possible malfunctions that are occurring to your door.

Be mindful of your garage door’s performance, and immediately call repair services for proper assistance.

What does a garage door cable do?

There are two pairs of garage door cables inside every garage door.

These cables are used to provide extra safety measures for the owners and ensure the smooth opening and closing functions of your door.

The first kind of cable is the lift cables.

These cables are the ones that are attached to the springs and drums that provide the force strong enough to move the heavy door.

These cables are strong enough to become the bridge together with the spring that counterbalances the door.

On the other hand, the second kind of cable is the retaining cable or most commonly known as a safety cable.

This cable ensures that in the event of a spring breaking, the door will not completely collapse and be destroyed.

The cables used for garage doors are commonly made up of galvanized wires that ensure the durability of the cable when used to assist a heavy garage door.

Can a garage door cable be repaired?

Garage door cables or a lockup door steel cord will eventually wear out and snap.

However, these cables can still be repaired by professionals if they are too worn out.

A lockup door steel cord can last for a few years, and if it is maintained correctly, it can last even longer.

The need for repair for these kinds of cables is mainly for preparations and for those that have little to no damage.

If your garage door completely snaps, you need to ask for a replacement, because the part where the cable was separated will be a weak part of the cable.

A weak or thin cable could cause sudden accidents that could endanger you or damage your door completely.

It is better to consult a professional garage repair service to inquire about your garage door cable repair.

They will be able to approve whether your cable is in need of a repair or a full replacement.

The danger of repairing garage door cables without professional help

A lockup door steel cord is made up of galvanized steel, and is flexible enough to move like a normal plastic cable.

Though this might seem easy to repair with tapes or other household tools it is far from being a good idea.

If a single galvanized steel wire whiplashes and hits you, it may cause a permanent scar or a severe injury.

This is a common result for those of you who attempt to try a full garage door cable repair on your own.

If you live in Denver, then you are familiar with similar cases.

In addition to this example, there are also instances that during the repair of your door, you might affect other parts that could fall down on you.

Don’t lose a finger or a limb by attempting to do a garage door cable repair without any assistance.

Call Denver’s most trusted repair service now and let them handle your garage door cable repair.

Garage door cable repair in Denver

Denver offers multiple repair services, however, none can top Clearview Garage Doors.

We are a company that makes sure we are the best at what we do.

Our company has been improving, and we have been finding more ways to cater the needs of our clients to make sure that you will continue to trust us with your door problems.

Our garage door repair service in Denver includes specific services such as; garage door cable repairs, cable adjustments, and many more.

Clearview Garage Doors has been providing garage door installations in Denver since it began operating, and we are one of the leading installers here in Denver.

We make sure that our services will always be satisfactory to our clients.

Our goal is to ensure that we are able to solve your garage door problems as fast and effectively as possible without any mishaps. Failure is not an option for Clearview Garage Doors.

Clearview Garage Doors cable repair services

Cable repairs are one of the most requested services from clients all over the Denver area.

This is the reason why we make sure that our cables come from different brands around the world that passed the standard quality.

Our customer service is available for twenty-four hours.

Therefore, you can call Clearview Garage Door services anytime your garage cables are in need of repair.

Don’t wait for your lockup door steel cord to snap, call us now and let us help you!

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