Garage Door Spring Repair: What You Need To Know

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A garage door relies on its springs for the power to open and close the large metallic sheet doors.

Therefore, a broken or worn out spring must have a garage door spring repair: what you need to know, what you need to do, and who you need to call is important.

Risking your spring is the same as risking the entire operation of your garage door.

Therefore, make sure that you get the needed repair as soon as you identify possible damages.

Do not risk your safety on worn out or damaged springs.

Get them fixed and make sure that they don’t cause any further damages for your garage door that costs a large sum of money.

What are the two different garage door springs that I should choose from?

There are two kinds of garage springs that are used in garage doors which are: torsion springs and expansion springs.

These two springs are different but function with the same goal.

The first is the torsion springs have their own pros which are: durability that exceeds an expansion spring; it has a better style; it is easier and safer to install and repair.

Thus, despite the higher price, most commercial garage door users choose this spring.

The second is the expansion spring which has its own pros which are: affordability that is far from the expensive torsion spring; and it is easier to find and purchase.

Thus, despite not being as durable as a torsion spring, it is used mainly for houses.

These two springs are different yet similar, and in order for you to get a garage door spring repair: what you need to know about these springs, and what you should consider about them, is very important.

When does a garage door spring need repair?

A garage door spring doesn’t have a specific duration before it needs a repair.

However, this doesn’t mean it never needs a repair or a replacement.

Your garage door spring will need a repair if the doors are showing signs of damage, especially if the door no longer opens and closes correctly.

Contact your trusted repair service professional for assistance.

Reasons to repair your garage door springs immediately

Your garage door springs play a vital role in your garage door’s entire mechanism.

Therefore, you need to ask a professional to repair it, because delaying could cause you more damage and money.

The first reason for immediate repair is the danger of damaging the door more.

The springs have stored tension that has a massive force, and it could damage the door if it’s not repaired and released correctly by an expert.

The second reason is to avoid further door malfunctions in the door.

If it breaks, it affects the mechanism, and additional parts could malfunction.

Finally, it could cause permanent damage to the door as well as the owner if it suddenly breaks.

Repairing it late might cause it to recoil once released by the expert and cause damage.

Call a trusted garage door repair service in Denver for your spring repair

A garage door spring repair is dangerous, and only an expert that has years of experience should perform it.

Denver is a place where you can find many companies, but not all of them are qualified to do it.

Therefore, only a few names here in Denver have been acknowledged as a good enough repair service that could handle this repair.

Clearview Garage Doors is a repair service that provides professionals that can handle this.

Clearview Garage Doors is a company that offers garage door repair in Denver, and it includes garage door spring repair: what you need to know, what to expect, and what to do, are instructions available in their offered services.

Furthermore, our garage door installation in Denver includes door spring installations if needed.

This is why we are commended as a great repair service in Denver.

Call Clearview Garage Doors to repair your garage door springs

There are specific tools and safety gears that are needed to repair specific garage door springs which have powerful recoils like an expansion spring.

Thus, Clearview Garage Doors made sure that the technicians are safe even during the repair.

The protection of the door, owner, property and technician is part of the garage door repair in Denver that our company offers.

We make sure that our services will not put anyone in harm’s way.

Therefore, you can trust us with your overhauls for your door and door springs.

You don’t need to panic when your spring is broken, all you need to do is call us, and we’ll be on our way.

Dial our hotline and talk to our customer service operators for all your door spring needs and repairs!

We can make your door spring worries leave fast and serve you efficiently!

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