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One of the reasons why we chose to buy a modern garage door is because it no longer needs physical contact to move.

A garage door now operates using a mechanism controlled by a remote or an app.

In addition to this, we are now given the luxury to control not just the opening and closing of the door, but the speed too.

However, a garage door moving slow and sometimes stops moving, without our command is not normal.

Is your automatic garage door moving slow and causing you delays and frustration? This can be a risk to both safety and convenience.

Do not ignore this problem because it might cause further damage to the machinery operating it inside.

Main possible reasons why my garage door moves slow

A garage door moving slow or not at all is not something that happens without cause.

There are reasons that this happens, therefore, you must know what they are to compare yours.

The first reason for the garage door moving slowly is because of the garage door’s old age.

Old age could cause rust and parts to get brittle if not replaced, thus, causing it to lower its pace.

The second reason is the speed setting switched to slow unintentionally.

This could happen if you or someone like your child accidentally touched the speed setting.

The third is poor lubrication on track and rollers which could form rust and debris that could cause your garage door to move slower than intended.

Finally, poor maintenance could cause your door to move slower than intended because of the parts that are rusty or worn out.

Therefore, get the proper automatic door overhaul and prevent any future problems.

Should I push my garage door open and close if it’s slow?

A garage door that is moving slow or sometimes doesn’t move at all, must be overhauled only by a professional in order for it to function properly again.

Forcing your door to move faster could strain the mechanism and cause more damage.

Therefore, instead of forcing your door to move, call the professionals instead and get it fixed before any further malfunctions happen.

Calling a professional would cause less money than breaking the door and needing to spend more for the damages.

How to prevent your door from moving slowly

There are two things that could help you to prevent your garage door from moving slowly.

If you are able to do these things, there is a higher chance that your garage door would last for as long as possible.

First precaution is by being careful whenever you are around your garage door.

This includes informing others to take extra caution with your overhead door, because carelessness will lead to damages.

The second precaution is having a yearly maintenance check from your trusted garage door technicians.

A maintenance check would allow the technicians to check every inch of your garage door and repair or replace those that need it.

Therefore, precautions done properly will be able to help keep your garage door functioning properly for years to come.

Who should I call in Denver if my door moves slowly?

Finding a garage door repair service is easy if you live in Denver because there are so many companies offering these services.

However, the real challenge is choosing the right one that can get the job done effectively.

If you have lived in Denver for a few years, then you would have heard of Clearview Garage Doors.

We are a company that the national government has approved of in terms of quality, affordability, and durability.

Therefore, we are now a local name that is known all around Denver.

We are the best choice when it comes to automatic garage door overhauls.

Overhauling or fixing your door is easy for our trained professionals in Clearview Garage Doors.

Can Clearview Garage Doors help me with my slow moving garage door?

Clearview Garage Door has been offering garage door repair in Denver for years, and this includes repairs for garage doors moving slow.

We have a team of professionals that can fix your door with just one call.

Therefore, if your door has a problem either inside the mechanism or outside of it, our experts have the needed tools with safety gears to repair it.

There is no need for you to worry about your door, because we can fix it for you quickly and efficiently.

Stop forcing your door to move faster while it’s damaged.

Step away from your door; dial our hotline; and let us handle it for you!

We will make sure your slow moving door will be working as good as new without delay!

So call us now and the best service Denver can produce!

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