Why Would My Garage Door Randomly Open

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Lockup doors are also on the verge of development; this is due to the technology that keeps on improving as time passes by.

Some of lockup doors are powered via smart technology, thus, it can be run by voice, mobile phone apps, and remote controls as well as electronic messages as long as you are connected in the internet.

The probability of a lockup garage door opener in providing an easy and efficient access increases.

Hence, it can never be fully secured because it can still experience malfunctions.

In order to avoid these types of malfunctions, a professional checkup as well as maintenance is needed.

Can it really be opened all by itself?

The answer is yes, because there are lots of factors that can affect its functionality.

It is not something supernatural because having a weak battery on the remote control.

Moreover, dysfunctional controls can cause your garage door to suddenly open.

Regardless of the different technological advancement, lockup doors that randomly open is a bit of a common problem that a lockup garage opener owner is encountering.

Never take this type of problem for granted as your security could fade away when it opens and no one from your circle or household is around to check, fix or report it to the proper authority.

Causes on why it suddenly opens

Ghosting garage doors can be triggered by different aspects.

When this happens, it means that the motor of your garage door opener is broken.

Here are some of the reasons about the question “why would my garage door suddenly open?”

First reason is that the wirings or the control system might have been a cut or damaged.

These damages can be cause by vigorous motion such as earthquakes, strong gusty wind or by insects that are stuck inside the control panel.

Second reason is that there are some fried wirings.

Lockup door openers are run by electricity, thus, having fried electrical wirings are somewhat normal.

Third reason is that there could be a misaligned sensor of safety.

This sensors allows the garage door to create a safety area and enables motion detector beneath it, thus, protecting those who are beneath it.

Lastly, a possible reason is in a form of obstructions along the line of sight such as sensors or even on the wiring lines that prevents its mechanism from properly functioning.

Can a professional fix it?

Why would my garage door randomly open and can a professional really fix this type of problem? The answer to this curiosity is “yes”.

Ghosting garage door problems can be repaired by garage door masters that have years of experiences in fixing problems such as this.

Before any lockup expert takes a lockup door or pushes a lockup door close, the experts will initially inspect the door.

There are some instances that cause a garage door to suddenly open.

Moreover, an expert can easily pinpoint the problem and fix it in a nick of time.

If you are in Denver and having a lockup doors that suddenly open, then all you need to do is call Clearview Garage Door.

Best ghosting garage door repair in Denver

Clearview Garage Doors are proud to tell you that we handled more than hundreds of lockup door issues and one of the most common door problems is this ghosting doors.

Garage door masters that are currently working here in Clearview Garage Doors could definitely answer the question regarding “why would my garage door suddenly open?” this is due to the fact that our garage door masters are having years of experiences as well as different trainings.

So you need not to worry about this type of problems because we can handle these issues properly.

So have no fear if you’re looking for a garage door repair in Denver then Clearview Garage Doors can fully assist you with it.

Clearview Garage Doors: Giving the best garage door services

Our company is having a 247 hotline in which you are very much welcome to give us a call regarding your concerns on lockup doors.

If ever that you are in need of a garage door installation in Denver then give us a call!

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