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The common misconception that most of us have is that the springs on either side of a garage door is not important enough.

However, that is far from the truth, because a garage door spring is the one giving the force to operate the door.

The springs may seem like nothing, but the act of coiling and recoiling builds the tension needed to open and close the garage door sheet.

These springs are durable and strong enough to withstand the door’s weight.

Thus, you have to make sure that you know how to select garage door springs that would fit your doors perfectly.

A technician can help you choose, but be sure you know about it too to decide for yourself.

What are the different garage doors springs that a garage door uses?

There are only two different springs that garage doors use for them to function properly.

The first spring is the torsion spring which is a spring that coils sideways instead of recoiling up and down.

This is the most used spring for garage doors despite it being more expensive than the expansion spring.

This is due to the fact that the torsion spring is more durable and lightweight than the expansion spring.

The moment these spring breaks, the professional repair service will not be in grave danger, unlike the other spring.

The second spring is the expansion spring which expands or is elongated when used, just as the name states.

Therefore, the recoil of this spring when broken is very dangerous even for professionals.

This is a spring that not many purchase despite the cheaper value, because it is not as durable as the torsion spring.

Therefore, if you are looking for affordability more than practicability, this is the spring for you.

What to consider before you choose your garage door spring for your overhead door

Your garage door spring plays a big role in your garage doors.

Although there are doors that have a specific spring, there are those that you are allowed to choose.

Therefore, when given the chance to select your own garage door spring; you need to consider a few factors.

These factors will assist you to know how to select garage door springs for your overhead door.

The first is to know the type of spring that you are going to use for your door.

Take into consideration which of the springs fits your taste and budget.

The second is to check the durability of the spring that you are choosing.

The durability of your spring determines the time that it will have before the repair or replacement.

The third is to consider the affordability of the springs before purchasing.

A spring may be small in the mechanism, but the price isn’t always as small.

Finally, consider the spring that is easy to repair when it breaks.

These springs are dangerous, and practically speaking, it is better to not risk dangerous parts that can injure you or the repair man.

Clearview Garage Doors’ garage door springs installation, repair, and replacement services

A garage door spring is a small but terrible part of a garage door that can cause injuries if not chosen and installed correctly to a garage door.

Clearview Garage Door’s services like the garage door installation in Denver also includes garage door springs installation.

This service includes the assistance of our experts for you to choose the perfect springs.

Here in Denver, there are only a few garage door companies that offer services like spring setting, overhaul or maintenance.

However, we at Clearview Garage Doors make sure that we are qualified to take on the challenge of garage door springs.

If your springs are worn out or broken to the point of delays in operation, don’t worry.

Our garage door repair in Denver includes the repair of the springs that you have chosen to install.

Our technicians will be able to help you determine the ways on how to select garage door springs for your overhead door.

They are capable enough to explain all you need to know before choosing.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about choosing a door spring without thinking rationally.

Call now and we will give you all the answers you need to decide.

Get to know the process and information needed to know how to select garage door springs that are perfect for you!

Clearview Garage Doors has a 24-hours garage door service in Denver, so call now and let us help you choose your spring!

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