How To Open Garage Door Manually From Outside

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A garage door is more than just a means to access your car or store your belongings. It’s an essential part of your home’s security and functionality. So, when your garage door won’t close or open using the automatic opener, knowing how to manually open it from the outside is crucial. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process step by step.

Locate the Emergency Release Cord

Before you begin, ensure that you have a sturdy ladder, a flathead screwdriver, and a flashlight. Start by looking for the emergency release cord. This cord usually hangs down from the garage door opener and is attached to a red handle. When pulled, it disengages the opener, allowing you to open the door manually.

Prepare to Disengage the Opener

First, ensure that the garage door is fully closed to prevent accidents. If the door is stuck open or partially open, consider calling a professional for emergency garage door repair.

Disengage the Opener

Once the door is closed, pull the emergency release cord down and away from the door. This action should disengage the opener, enabling you to move the door manually. If you have difficulty disengaging the opener, consult the manufacturer’s instructions or seek help from a garage door repair professional.

Locate the Manual Key Release

Now that your garage door is disengaged from the opener, locate the manual key release on the outside of the door. This feature is usually a small lock near the center or on one side of the door. If you don’t have a key, contact a locksmith or nearest garage door company to obtain a replacement.

Unlock the Door

Insert the key into the manual key release and turn it to unlock the door. After unlocking, remove the key to prevent unauthorized access.

Lift the Door Manually

Grasp the door handle and lift it upwards. The door should move easily and smoothly. If it feels heavy or gets stuck, check for garage roller door getting stuck or contact a professional for assistance.

Secure the Door

When the door is open, use a C-clamp or locking pliers to secure it in place. This step prevents the door from accidentally falling or closing while you’re working inside the garage.

Re-engage the Opener

Once you’ve completed your tasks in the garage, you’ll need to re-engage the garage door opener. To do this, pull the emergency release cord towards the door, then manually lower the door until it’s fully closed. Finally, pull the cord again to re-engage the opener.

People Also Ask

How do I open my garage door without a remote?

You can open your garage door manually using the emergency release cord and manual key release. Follow the steps outlined in this article for a safe and effective process.

Can burglars open garage doors?

While it’s possible for burglars to gain access to a garage, you can minimize this risk by keeping your garage door well-maintained and secure. Consider investing in an insulated garage door, installing a deadbolt lock, or adding motion-activated lighting to deter potential intruders.

Why does my garage door open by itself?

A garage door opening on its own can be caused by several factors, such as radio frequency interference, misaligned or damaged sensors, or a malfunctioning remote control. If your garage door opens by itself, consult a professional to diagnose and fix the issue.

Can I open my garage door with a broken spring?

Opening a garage door with a broken spring is dangerous and not recommended. Broken springs can cause the door to fall, potentially causing serious injury or property damage. Instead, contact a professional for garage door spring repair or replacement.

In Conclusion

Being able to open your garage door manually from the outside is an essential skill for any homeowner. It allows you to access your garage during power outages or if your automatic opener malfunctions. Remember to practice safety measures and consult professionals for assistance if you encounter issues. For all your garage door needs, consider Clearview Garage Doors, offering services ranging from garage door installation to garage door motor repair and beyond.

Kindly note: This article is for educational purpose only.

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