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People are keeping on moving towards the advancement of science together with the technological approaches.

Some of the garage doors are even opened via smart opener like the use of voice command, applications thru your mobile phones or can be maneuvered via email regardless of your location as long as you are connected to the internet.

Technology even paved the ways for lockup doors to become a luxury than that of need.

Hence, advancement in machinery still benefiting from the previous types of mechanism and parts. An example of this is the garage door cables.

If these cables snap or damaged then the functionality of your lockup door will be greatly affected.

Moreover, it can cause accidents that will risk not only your safety, but for all of those that are in range of the garage door.

Don’t leave just yet because we’ll be giving you some tips regarding “how to install garage door cable”.

Indications of a damaged garage door cable

Lockup door cable wires are not just metal strands; these are used in tension support and via different types of cable lifting activities.

Moreover, these lockup door cables are connected to a spring as well as drums that enable the opening and the closing of the garage door.

Here are some of the indications of a damaged cable door.

First is the difficulty when opening or closing the door.

Due to the fact that springs and drums connect the cable to the garage doors, once it snaps or breaks, nothing will connect the spring from the garage doors.

Hence, preventing any movement from the door’s overhead portion is the purpose of a well working garage door cable.

Next is that the wires that are hanging loose.

These loose wirings can cause injuries to those who are in the range of the wires aside from it greatly affects the performance of your lockup door.

Sometimes, a broken garage door can close without any warnings and this can sometimes crush your car or crush a person beneath it.

Thus, having it properly check could avoid such dangerous casualties.

So, how to install garage door cable? You can install in on your own but you need to be extra careful and sometimes spending a little bit in order to have it properly installed or safely installed will not hurt that much.

Here are some easy steps that you can follow in order for you to install your garage door cable

First, you need to unplug electrical connections of your garage door and disengage it by exerting force on the emergency handle so that it’ll release it.

A rope that sometimes colored in red having a handle is found near the opener.

This will then allow its user to operate the opening and closing of the garage door manually.

Second, in order to the garage door, use a vice grip at the bottom part of the garage door roller.

Do this on the both sides of the door while changing the garage door cables.

Third, loosen the set screws that are found at the center of the metal panel with just ¼ turn on the springs.

Keep in mind to properly insert the winding bars and use it consequently in order to avoid injuries.

Stay out of the bar’s reach.

Fourth, unwind the garage door spring up to the point that all tensions are taken away.

For garage door with having two springs, then do the same on the other spring.

Fifth, when all the tensions are fully removed from the garage door springs, use the wrench to loosen all the screws on the drum of the cable located at the top portion of the garage door.

Remove the drum cable, then take your ratchet and use the proper size in order for you to fully remove the bottom lag screws of the jamb metal bracket.

Remove the loosen brackets of your lockup door.

Sixth, insert the garage door cable to the cable drum slot and make it sure that it’s properly placed with no overlapping.

Wind the cable onto the drum cable and then immediately slide its drum cover to cover the bearing plate.

By turning the drum in a clockwise motion, you can tighten the cable.

Do the same to the remaining set of screws. Avoid over tightening.

Seventh, while holding the garage door cable, use vice grip to hold the metal rod and place it across the door wall.

This will secure it in place. Do the same step on the other side.

Slowly increase the tension on both springs with the use of winding bars.

Use a ¼ turn and don’t overwind the garage door springs.

Lastly, remove all the locking pliers from the steel rod that are found at the top of the garage door.

In addition, re-engage the lockup doors by pulling the emergency release in a downward motion.

Then, lift the garage door up to the point that you’ll be hearing a dual click sound.

Once it’s all done, you can now plug back the device.

You can definitely do it yourself but you need to reconsider that you’re not an expert.

Let the professionals do it for you

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