How To Fix A Dented Garage Door

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Having an investment regarding security in a form of lockup door opener is rampant in this era that we are facing.

We tend to spend more money in order to protect our homes, offices and other business establishments.

Thus, having such convenience and a bit of luxury can still be beneficial for such lockup door opener owners.

Moreover, the security of such lockup doors only depends on how much its functionality.

When it’s not functioning properly, your wallet won’t be the only thing that will hurt but also the safety of your structure.

Preventing even a simple dent could provide stronger protection as small dents when being hit multiple times on the same area will weaken the resistance of the lockup doors.

Never let your security lessens its protection.

Stay with us and you’ll learn some simple tricks on how to fix a dented garage door.

What’s the possible reason behind the dents of your garage doors?

Regardless how strong a material is when it is being hit multiple times on the same spot then a simple dent will turn into a tear.

Moreover, it will get destroyed, that acting shield which is the garage door.

Initially, collision that is strong enough can damage your garage doors.

At first, maybe it’s unaffected but as time passes by it can create a weaker protection.

Second, if your garage door is made out of wood, rain as well as too much heat coming from the sun will rot the wood making it prone to breakage.

Lastly, a misaligned bracket can also dent your garage door as the weight is not properly distributer.

Steps to repair dented doors

First step is that you carefully clean and wash the part of the garage doors that are dented.

Second step is to properly dry the wetted surface.

Next is that you stretch the aluminum foil all over the dented area of garage door.

Third step is to heat the stretched aluminum foil using fire or a lighter for about a minute or so. After that is you remove the stretched aluminum foil.

Fourth step is by spraying the dent with a pressurized air for about half a minute up to a minute.

Lastly, use a carbon monoxide pops in order to place the panel back from its original place.

Do I need to call a lockup specialist?

Garage door masters that deals with repair services are professionals that harnessed their skills through series of trainings and years of experiences.

Thus giving a better quality that you do it all by yourself.

There are lots of guides regarding on how to fix a dented garage door or anything regarding the fixing or tuning up of your lockup doors but you need to understand that you are still lacking years of experience.

This will also give you possible problems regarding the fixing as you might get yourself hurt along the process.

Risking your safety in order to save some cash is not worthy.

Never risk your own safety!

Clearview Garage Doors have your back covered

Here at the Clearview Garage Doors, we are having the top of the line services and tools in order to properly get the job done.

Regardless how light or how heavy the garage door is, we are highly trained professionals that will properly give what you money’s worth to you.

Whether it is a metal, plastic or even wood type, as long as it’s a lockup door then Clearview Garage Door will do it for you.

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If you’re curious on how to fix a dented garage doors then have no fear.

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Not only that, but our garage door masters are also on the alert level in order to go to your place and give you full assistance regarding your garage door problems.

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