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A garage door has its own sets of springs that help it open and close, and these doors are mainly overlooked by us.

However, what we need to understand is that these springs play a vital role in making sure your doors work smoothly.

Therefore, if your garage door spring needs a repair, make sure that you request a professional to do it for you.

By ensuring your springs are safe and sturdy, you can allow yourself to relax knowing your security is stable and convenient.

What kind of spring does your garage door use?

There are two kinds of garage door springs that a garage door will need to use for a smoother movement.

Before asking for a repair for your spring, you need to identify the kind of spring you are using.

The first kind of door spring is the torsion spring which is the most expensive yet most durable between the two springs.

This is used more because of the durability, style, as well as the easy repair and maintenance.

The second door spring is the expansion spring which stretches when used, unlike a torsion spring that curves to the side.

This spring is cheaper than but not as sturdy as a torsion spring, which is why it’s mostly used by houses for their lightweight garage doors.

Different kinds of torsion springs

If your garage door uses a torsion spring, there are different kinds of torsion spring that you would also need to know.

Your garage door service technician will be able to identify it if you fail to know which torsion spring you’re using.

The first is the standard torsion spring which is used mainly in residential garage doors or any lightweight door that requires a spring for easier operations.

This is also used by small storehouses or garages that have a lightweight door.

The second is the early-set torsion spring that is mounted in the middle of the torsion shaft instead of both sides of the door.

This is similar to the standard torsion spring, but different in placement.

The third is the steel rolling-door torsion spring which is commonly used in industrial buildings due to its durability and ability to accept heavy weights.

Finally, the torque-master torsion springs are a familiar spring, but not as used as the other springs.

This is a spring that is enclosed in the torsion shaft that is placed at the end of the separate torsion rods held by the winding cone.

Why should I repair and not replace my torsion spring?

A torsion spring is the most durable among the two kinds of springs, which is why this is mostly repaired and not replaced.

This spring is also the easiest and safest to repair which is why professionals could risk the repair.

Furthermore, a torsion spring is the most expensive between the two kinds, which is why repairing is more practical than a replacement.

Therefore, before deciding to get a repair or replacement, consult a professional garage door repair service.

Garage door services in Denver for my garage door torsion spring repair

Your garage door torsion spring repair should only be done by professionals who are experts when it comes to handling torsion repairs.

These springs are built with tension that could carry a hundred pound door easily.

Therefore, the techniques as well as the tools and gears of a professional handling the spring must be complete.

Here in Denver, you must take into consideration the credibility of the repair service before choosing them.

Denver’s best repair service is Clearview Garage Doors because of the quality services they offer that are approved by the local and national government.

This means they are able to do your garage door torsion spring repair safely and efficiently.

Is Clearview Garage Doors the company for my torsion spring repairs?

Clearview Garage Doors is the company that the majority of the people in Denver trust because of our one hundred percent effectively.

We are a company that values the trust of our clients, and we make sure that our services are satisfactory.

Therefore, we are a company that never fails our clients no matter what repair is requested from us.

If you want a garage door torsion spring repair, our technicians are prepared enough to handle it.

We offer garage door installation in Denver and nearby places to ensure that we reach as many people as possible.

This service involves garage door torsion spring installations that are done by our technicians with caution and expertise.

Furthermore, we at Clearview Garage Doors have a garage door repair in Denver that also includes garage door torsion spring repair.

Thus, we have been handling these torsion springs effectively for years.

Clearview Garage Doors is always available for your repair needs because of our 24 hours service.

We can make sure that our technicians will be at your door steps with just one call.

So stop worrying about your torsion spring not functioning well, and start calling our customer service for inquiries.

Our hotline as well as our internet customer service operators are available for you to contact whether during the day, or in the middle of the night.

You are one call away from repairing your torsion spring, so call us now!

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